Mission, Vision and values

We take our work very seriously

Considering our focus on customer service and corporate social responsibility, Mecalsa has two fundamental missions:
  • Offering the automotive sector and the sub-sector of industrial vehicles, trucks and buses, precision machining services according to drawings by chip removal of metal components on CNC lathes (Ø max.: 260 mm -Max length: 300 mm) and CNC centers (Max weight: 8 kg), to which we intend to add value in terms of quality, technology, assembly, reliability, logistics, safety, and economics for the vehicles they are meant for. We aim to do the same for the agriculture, railway, and domestic appliances sectors as well.
  • Focusing the results on increasing efficiency in knowledge and application of these aspects and their impact on the company, customers, suppliers, and environment.

We aim to be a company totally focused on efficient processes with a balanced portfolio of loyal customers and a constantly evolving group of employees who are aware of the expectations of customers, suppliers, their peers and society in general and are always ready to exceed them.


We are concerned about the welfare and satisfaction of our surroundings: customers, suppliers, personnel, and society.
We believe in quality and flexibility in solving problems and adaptability to every type of customer.
We have a management style that encourages teamwork and the participation of everyone involved.
We believe in never putting the company's profitability before the sustainability of its own development and the environment.

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