Production Resources

MECALSA's main business (Machining) is conducted in a facility that is 1,000 m2 in size which houses all of the manufacturing machinery.

It is broken down in the workcells so that semi-finished products are eliminated, thus optimizing the use of space, the control over the production processes, and their possible variations.


The machinery facility consists mainly of lathes and CNC machine tools:

  • 6 Mori-Seiki CNC Lathes.
  • 2 CNC lathes with Mori-Seiki motorized tools.
  • 1 Hwacheon CNC lathe.
  • 3 Mori-Seki Vertical CNC Machining Centers.
  • 1 Mori-Seiki Double Table Vertical CNC Machining Center.
  • 1 Enshu Vertical Palletizing CNC Machining Center.
  • 1 CNC lathes with DOOSAN motorized tools.
  • 1 DOOSAN Vertical CNC Machining Centers.

We also have additional machinery such as drills, millers, tapping machines, deburrers, etc.

All of our machinery is EC certified.


At MECALSA, the utmost importance is given to the quality of our clamping tools.

This condition has several premises that we consider to be essential:

  • It improves the machining of the parts and the quality of the finish.
  • It improves accuracy, preventing unwanted movement of the parts.
  • The operator can easily do his work.
  • It reduces the amount of wear and tool breakage.
  • It increases productivity by reducing the amount of handling by the CNCs.
  • It reduces vibrations and increases the life of the machine with balancing claws.



We use the TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) system for maintaining our machines which is carried out by the workers.

Other maintenance (facilities, energy, compressed air, fire extinguishers, numerical controls, tools, computers, software, etc.) is carried out by specialized companies.

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