Our Policy

Mecalsa's first objective as a company is to produce positive economic that enable it to subsist by satisfying internal and external customers, seeking solutions to their needs and requirements and trying to exceed their expectations. So...


Our focus on processes and their improvement, quality management, risk prevention and minimization are applied to all areas of the company and all of its activities.


Vital importance is given to the motivation, involvement and commitment of everyone at Mecalsa in pursuit of this goal which prioritizes the improvement of working conditions (safety, wages, environment, ...), communication, new technologies, training, and occupational health and safety.


The importance of quality is conveyed to all collaborators (employees, customers, suppliers, and subcontractors) through open and transparent relationships and transactions.


We try to minimize the negative impact of our activities on the environment by raising awareness on the rational use of resources and necessary products and effective management of the waste produced.


As part of a community, we take assume our own responsibility, not consciously making parts for the arms industry, nuclear industry, etc. nor putting special interests (financial benefits, privileges, ...) before general interests.

Quality Policy

Mecalsa's management (management committee) is responsible for reviewing, developing and disseminating this Quality Policy so that it is accessible, understood, and accepted by all individuals who are part of our organization.

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